Go with the Flow

Updated: Feb 19

Ever dream of being a mermaid? Mermaid pose is a deep, asymmetrical backbend with a major stretch to the anterior (front) side of your body, especially along the psoas.

This is also a fun variation of king pigeon or Hanumanasana, both full variations include a hip opening on the front leg and both arms behind the head. ⁠This one armed version is a little more accessible for the

To get into this major heart-opener, start upright in hanumunasana or pigeon. (you can place a block under your front sit bone. Bend your back leg and grasp your foot with the hand from the same side of the body (your other hand can be used for stability). Work slowly to nuzzle your foot into the crook of your arm. If it's feeling healthy on your back, grasp the outside (pinky side) of your toes with your fingers and rotate your elbow towards the ceiling. Engage your mula bhanda and you lift your gaze & heart towards the sky. ⁠

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